Turboloader is a versatile machine that is ideal for the garden, for public maintenance work, agriculture, construction work, materials handling and any other industry where power and functionality in a compact package is a key factor.

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Gianni Ferrari Turboloader

Wheel loader, telescopic handler or skid steer loader? Turboloader has it all!

  • Turboloader has the manoeuvrability of a wheel loader
  • Turboloader offers the benefits of a telescopic handler
  • Turboloader has the compact dimensions of a skid steer loader … and it’s even more versatile!

This is no compromise, it’s a winning combination of great features!

Technical Data


The articulated chassis gives a very tight turning radius, :reducing the room needed for manoeuvring and enabling Turboloader to move with confidence even in cramped spaces.
The articulated chassis and equal sized wheels ensure agile manoeuvring when used indoors or in building yards. Whatever gap the front half-frame goes through, the rear half- frame will follow.
The rear wheels always follow the same path of the front ones, minimising compaction of the ground. Its articulated steering means Turboloader can work even on the most delicate surfaces without damage, making it ideal for ideal for landscaping and maintenance of green areas.


Unlike a traditional articulated loader, Turboloader’s operator position is located in the machine’s front half-frame. Even when steering the machine, the operator always has a perfect view of the way ahead, the implement and the task being performed.
The elevated driving position offers excellent visibility, enhanced safety and superb comfort as well as improving control of the machine and it’s implements.
The side-mounted dashboard panel and the layout of the lifting boom rams also assist in providing an uncluttered view of the attachment.

Telescopic boom

The telescopic boom of the Turboloader, standard on the M and H models, optional on the S models, allows significant lifting heights and horizontal reach. With hydraulic parallelogram as standard (optional on S models), the handling of loads is faster, simpler and safer: The self-levelling feature significantly reduces the amount of manual adjustments and loads are lifted in total safety. By selecting the floating arm position, the implements will follow irregular surfaces smoothly and with ease. The simultaneous movement of the arm and bucket helps reduce cycle times and enhance productivity.

Quick connect

Replacing the attachments is very quick and only takes a few seconds due to the quick connect system. The implements are easily fitted and released from the operators seat by using an electronic joystick control that activates a pair of hydraulic latches. The flat-face hydraulic couplings are very easy to clean and are ideal for use in dusty or dirty environments. They prevent fluid leaks and air pockets developing in the circuit during connection and disconnection, aside from guaranteeing better performance thanks to reduced load loss.

S Range – M Range – H Range

The S and M range of Turboloader is fitted with 3-cylinder 22 or 28 hp engines and, with an operating weight of 13 to 20 metric tons, it can handle loads of up to 1.100 kg.
The models of the H range, which have an operating weight between 19 and 23 metric tons, can handle loads of up to 1,400 kg and are equipped with 4-cylinder engines with natural aspiration (H360) and turbocharged (H440). The long wheelbase of the H range gives the machine exceptional stability and driving comfort. This exclusive configuration increases lifting capacity by over 25% compared to the M range, while maintaining the same very compact dimensions and the same manoeuvrability. The optimum weight distribution provides better pushing force delivery and therefore improved bucketing.

Driving position

The Turboloader M and H offer the best comfort as standard: the control joystick and the console are suspended and adjustable and move with the seat for maximum ergonomics of use. The joystick is electro-hydraulic and proportional, smooth and precise to use. The comfortable Grammer seat with lumbar support and headrest, adjustable arm rests and suspension springs is also available in a heated version.
The driver seat of the S series is characterized by a more essential set-up, with a proportional mechanical double joystick which, together with the control console, is fixed to the bodywork.
The standard seat is integral with a wraparound backrest.
The suspension Grammer seat is available on request.
The cruise-control and the DEC™ device (Dynamic Engine Control), which manages the engine rotation speed as in the automotive sector, are standard on all models: driving comfort and fuel consumption gain advantages and the engine never stalls.


Turboloader can be equipped with an optional heated cab. The 5 adjustable air vents ensure a uniformly distributed flow of air inside the cab, at both footrest and head level. The external thermal unit is behind the cab so as not to increase the overall height of the machine.
All the glazed surfaces are made of approved tempered glass. The integral, one-piece windscreen ensures optimum visibility without obstacles or distortions, while the rear windows provide the field of view required for manoeuvring. The cab equipment includes two pairs of work lights (front and rear), the kit for road use (headlights, indicators, rotating beacon, horn and rear-view mirrors) and the front windscreen wiper. Inside the cab, the courtesy light, 12V electric socket (cigarette lighter receptacle) and amplified stereo speakers with connection for an MP3 player offer high levels of comfort. Air conditioning is available on request.


Turboloader is equipped with low-emission engines that are fully compliant with the current anti-pollution directives. The radiator with anti-clog fin is generously proportioned and ensures high heat exchange even in unfavourable conditions, thus prolonging the life of the engine, the oil and the hydraulic components. On H models a practical hatch provides handy access to the engine compartment for easy checks and daily maintenance.


The permanent 4-wheel drive hydrostatic transmission uses high quality, robust, reliable components. The high specification of the components ensures ample pushing force together with a high transport speed, allowing for maximum productivity. Turboloader’s standard equipment includes a useful anti- slip device which can help extricate the machine in low-grip situations. As an additional aid for difficult situations a flow divider can be activated which divides the hydraulic flow (optional) and obtain a differential locking effect.


An FOPS protection structure against falling objects equips all models, both those with ROPS protection frame and those fitted with cab. The standard equipment of the Turboloader includes a machine anti-spill device that warns the operator in case of excessive lightening of the rear axle and, in models M and H, locks the telescopic extension of the boom. Furthermore, the M and H ranges feature an load anti-spill device that prevents the load accidentally spilling backwards on top of the operator.* with counterweights, PU filled tyres and cab.

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